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Honeymoon: Day 11

Needles... filled with hate juice.

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DAY 11

YAY! A sunny day! A warm, sunny day! We woke around 8 am and ate our usual breakfast, then headed for the hottub. WOO HOO! We took over a hot tub, more Americans joined us and we started with some frozen drinks when the bar opened. We haven't really drank on the trip very much. We went to the disco last night, probably the first night we had more than one or two.

The drink of the day was The Stormy Weather. It's a little crew humor because we were supposed to be in Limassol, Cyprus today. Instead, they had to cancel that island because The Perfect Storm is apparently hot on our aft. (Get it? AFT!) We needed to get into the port at Alexandria asap.

So we had our drinks, soaked up the sun and then I went off for an acupuncture treatment. I'd always wondered and I do have some awesome spa certificates at home, but just haven't had the chance. She (Lauren, the acupuncturist) had me stick out my tongue and she did a lot of ahems and I-sees while she made notes about colors.

"You have a lot of things going on with you."


"You're stressed and when a person is stressed for long periods of time, their energy becomes damp. So, you are in a damp condition. It affects your liver and heart."

True, I'm damp.

"I can start you on some cups and needles to get some of the hate and damp out of you."

She started me out with some funky glassed on my back... one on each shoulder, 3 on my spine and 2 on my mid-lower back. They sucked at my flesh and left bruises, which she warned me about. It would help clear my heart and lungs. Then, she flipped me over and put needles in my feet, ankles, knees, inner-lower thighs and thumb webbing (not sure what the medical term is. "Thumb webbing" is pretty good, I think). She left me for another 15 minutes. I looked down at my needles and was totally freaked. I closed my eyes and just listened to the lounge version of The Pink Panther and then a big band version of The Hokey Pokie.

When I was done, she gave me a list of herbs to pick up in Chinatown. She said I would feel amazing tomorrow.

I'll let you know how that turns out... the hate and the damp and all that.

We've docked in Alexandria, Egypt and had a lovely dinner onboard at the fancy restaurant. We've got to be up by 5 am to go on our Cairo excursion to the tombs and pyramids, so we're headed off to bed. I just wanted to finally get online again (spotty internet) and let everyone know I am safe in Egypt.

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